Are you ready to build your new dental office?  Capital financing and equipment financing are readily available… the construction market is hungry right now… and you’ve been practicing long enough to know exactly what you want.  The sooner you start designing, the sooner you can turn your productivity into your profits!  Whether you’re planning a full building, or a tenant finish-out, if you want a new dental office that is stress-free, encourages maximum staff productivity, and makes a statement to your patients about the importance of aesthetics in your practice… you need a dental office architect.

Many doctors, though, have no idea where to turn for dental office design, and end up relying on the free design services offered by their dental equipment supplier.  These services are not only not free (they are invariably rolled into the cost of whatever dental equipment you ultimately purchase from that supplier), they will burden your office with dental cabinetry, equipment and instrumentation you don’t need while disregarding the design of the public/business/non-clinical areas and the interior architecture and finishes which establish the aesthetic presence of your office.  A simple comparison will reveal that the dental equipment supplier approach will cost substantially more to get your doors open (invariably more than your total architectural fees), and cost you a fortune in lost production over the life of your office.  Even more costly is the approach of using a non-dental architect to augment a dental equipment supplier’s plan which forces you to spend an inordinate amount of your time tutoring the designer about the functional and mechanical needs of a dental office.  Real dental office design involves a comprehensive understanding of dental function, architectural design, building codes and construction technique… but, your dental equipment supplier will have no architectural support to offer you beyond a floor plan. 

DentalOfficeDesignConsulting is an architectural specialty devoted to the highest levels of customer service, technical expertise, and aesthetic presence throughout the process of creating a new dental office.  Before you even begin design, DODConsulting will eliminate all the financial surprises you will encounter by showing you the cost differential between various design levels and forecasting what all the costs for your project will be.  With extensive experience in designing dental offices built in 25 states for cosmetic practices, family practices, dental specialties, and in-house production labs, DODC has the skill to create exactly what you want within the budget you stipulate.  We can provide a turn-key service by interfacing with developers, real estate professionals, and financiers; regulatory officials; interior designers, graphic artists, and engineers; dental equipment reps & installers, high-tech consultants; and dental building contractors to create the dental office you’ve been dreaming of.  If you haven’t developed a business plan yet, DODC can show you exactly what you need to generate to assure approval for your Project’s financing.

Welcome to a world where designing a new dental office - and getting it built - can be an enjoyable experience.  Feel free to confer with the doctors listed in the attached Project References.  Please call us soon, and know that you can rely on DODC for absolute confidentiality!